Korean Skin Routine and its surprises~ [Intro]

Starting a Korean routine and reading what everyone says about it must have you all hyped and go like ‘Haaaaaa… *raises hands towards the sky*..alllelluyaaa’, and then you realize its actually not so damn simple or easy for that matter.

(I’ve personally been using a Korean skin care routine for 3 years, and my skin is super super sensitive right now, plus acne prone, so I thought of writing this semi comedic opinion of mine about Korean routine that I generally don’t see online.)


Okay weirdnesses aside,  did you buy or planning to buy 10-12 different shiz out there and go like “ooo imma apply all the layering thing on me and my skin is gonna become sparkly like in Koreaaaaaaa…” Nope. The truth is it’s not that easy. Unless your skin is made out of stone (strength wise) that can withstand every product out there, or atleast every active and absorb everything and become super good then, yes.

I actually feel that Asian skin has a very unique way of BEING. I mean it seams to be way stronger and its genetic values are giving it benefits of quick regeneration and it ages way slower.

But when you are born European or any other race for that matter, it becomes different. (However I think black women have fucking amazing skin, girls, its beautiful.)


So you sit there and get tons of shit right? Then you apply all of it on your face daily and then you wonder. Wait a minute. It’s not working.

If you are that person, then well I am that person too. High5.


You see, our skin primarily needs moisturization in our life. This is what I found out when I started using a Korean skin routine. My face got wayyy better, with cheap non Korean products (like Dove?), just by keeping it moisturized.

In reality our skin doesn’t need that much from the Korean brands to be healthy (unless you are acne prone like me), and all these lil perks are for ourselves; and well the vitamins/anti-aging is nice too.

The reason, why, I say it, is not out of the butt. Its from my own personal experience with my own face lol. I am super acne prone, sensitive and combination skin. Just by moisturizing my face, I got rid of several huge drawbacks from my face: oiliness (duh), dry patches around the nose and black spots. Yes. This is because your face kinda decides to ‘pee’ on itself when its too dry and it basically screws up your face in a way, making it very MEH, and gives it a lot of problems (including acne).

In my case though acne is such a problem for me that its not simple to choose products, so I resort to Korean skin care to keep my face in a good shape, plus anti-aging properties tada.


EITHER WAY, so now what? Its not simple, then what do I do? If you are new to Korean routine, or even if you aren’t and wonder why the fck it doesn’t work as well as you want.  DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU TO GET.

I will not.

I will only say if it worked for me, but then again there is one thing that you need to keep in mind:

Imagine your skin is like one of a kind alien, ok. Especially if it’s very sensitive and you don’t know what to do with it. So imagine your skin doesn’t exist anywhere else, ok. What would you think? Oh shit, how will I know what I need? Well that’s the whole point, you need to talk to your skin. Ok?

Did you have this kind of convo with your skin one morning? (I did):

*Applies a strong|nice moisturiser*

*10 min later*

Skin: *I am starting to feel dryyyyyyyy, Imma ‘pee’ myself wjefhwjkehfweekwjehf*

(If you don’t do anything about it, it will create a layer of oil within minutes and you are basically screwed.)

Me: okok *applies one more moisturiser*.

Skin: *calms down for 30 min* Cheeks are dryyyyyyyyyyyyy.



This convo doesn’t happen on the daily basis, but basically your face is sometimes like a woman on an insane PMS (I am a woman btw).



Saying this, the priority should be to figure out how your skin feels first, and start slow.

Preferably one to two products at a time. Something like a face wash and a moisturizer are the first stuff. After you talk to your face for sometime; after you see how the moisturizer affects your skin you can implement one extra product into the routine and see how your skin reacts to it. If your skin feels kinda WEIRD, its probably not a very good product for you.

I will be discussing my own ADVENTURE OF MY SUPER SENSITIVE SKIN (SSS) in future posts!


I may adjust this intro, because I was actually being all funny when thinking about this post in my mind, but when it came to writing it, I kinda died off, well I haven’t fully discussed my main points, but I will update this blog and add more to it.

I mean I must sound like a total nutso, but then again, why not add a little bit of comedic freedom to ‘skin care routine blogs’ for once.






One thought on “Korean Skin Routine and its surprises~ [Intro]

  1. Yeah, even though there are so many products in Kbeauty (and you just want to get EVERYTHING), it’s so important to see what the skin needs and not just use what everyone is using!! Great post!


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